Soundboard Bracing

All soundboards here at WolfSong Guitars are braced in a traditional x-braced orientation.  Modern techniques and individual voicing are appointed to each guitar top.  All soundboard braces are adhered using  hide glue.

Back Braces/Caps

As important as a finely tuned soundboard, Beau feels that the controlled stiffness of the back is pertinent in the overall response and tonal qualities of a guitar.  Proper voicing of the back in relationship to the top and materials being used will lead to the best overall projection and desired sound.  All soundboard braces are adhered using traditional hide glue.

Head Stock Veneer

There are a variety of headstock designs and decorative overlays used on our guitars.  Inlay and design work carry a common theme throughout each guitar's personality.  Custom options are available.

Reverse Headstock Veneer

Artistic solid wood overlays appear on the reverse side of many WolfSong headstocks.  In addition to a hand carved volute, this back cap is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and a structural element to a very crucial part of the guitar neck.

Back Flash

(OPTIONAL) With a love for inlay and marquetry, Beau custom designs decorative pieces on the back and tail end of his guitars.  Following a common theme of design and wood combinations, the end result is a striking one-of-a-kind guitar that can be easily distinguished as a Wolfsong.  Custom inlay and designs are available upon request.

Bindings and Purflings

All bindings and purflings are solid wood and handmade to compliment the primary woods being used in each guitar.

Nuts and Saddles

Only the highest quality of bone is used for our nuts and compensated saddles.  Both are meticulously hand crafted to ensure proper intonation and playability.  Ebony nuts and other materials may be available upon request.

Laminate Necks

(OPTIONAL) WolfSong guitar necks are often constructed as a three or five piece all hardwood laminate.  This theory of neck blank construction ensures the stability needed for seasonal changes or mixed gauge string set-ups.  A two way adjustable truss rod is installed to assist in proper neck relief.  The combination of these two attributes ensures the stability to an already aesthetically pleasing guitar neck.

Tone Woods

Only the finest of tone woods available are used when building a WolfSong.  All materials have been properly cured and all guitars constructed in a controlled environment to ensure long lasting stability.


The sound port is a small sound hole located on the bass/upper bout of the guitar side.  It can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The purpose of this feature is to act as an on board acoustic monitor to project sound at the player as well as the audience.  It also adds dynamics to the overall voice of the instrument.


Your guitar comes with a handmade label, visible from the soundhole.  This includes the company name and logo, serial number and luthier signature.




Two different styles of cutaways, Venetian and Florentine, can appear on WolfSong instruments.  This option of creating space to access the upper parts of the fretboard enables a player the largest amount of travel and playability.